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Your Treehouse, from Imagination to Reality
Just like people, every tree is unique. They are dynamic organisms that deserve the love and attention that a dedicated arborist and craftsman can bring them. Here are the services Jonathan offers to help people enjoy wonderfully unique treehouses:

Expertise You Can Trust.

With more than 40 years experinec building tree houses, trust us with your investment.

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Tree House Planning

Tree House Planning Starts Here:

When beginning your plans for a treehouse project, it is important to have an expert to consult with and aid in the planning. Previously an ISA Certified arborist for 38 years, Jonathan Fairoaks has the expertise to make your dream treehouse come true, without destroying or hurting the tree. He will come to your location and spend the day inspecting possible sites to build your dream Treehouse. He consideres everything from the actual tree to potential views, while keeping saftey in mind always. He will make the best suggestion for the best place to build your treehouse.

Once the initial evaluation for your treehouse is complete, Jonathan Fairoaks will guide you through the planning process, employing his uncomparable 40+ years of experience building treehouses. He will talk with you about any concepts you may have for your treehouse as well as suggest what other concepts that may be possible. Once your concept is developed, then the actual design of the treehouse will begin.

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Tree House Design

Design: Imagination to Reality
After the planning stages, Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree will design a treehouse that uniquely fits your vision for your treehouse. They will take into consideration the view, the landscape, the tree itself, and any and all other construction considerations for your treehouse. In addition, the architectural services include concept design and production of design and construction documents to meet or exceed applicable codes.

Free, No-Hassle Design Consultation
To begin the process of designing your very own tree house, get a free, no-hassle consultation with Jonathan by contacting Living Tree today.

Treehouse Construction

Treehouse Construction Without Damaging the Tree
When it is time to begin construction on your treehouse, Jonathan Fairoaks and his team of treehouse builders will be on site to build the treehouse of your dreams. His team has built treehouses from Chester County, PA to central California, from the simple to the very ornate and complex. Jonathan works in Pennsylvania and California at different times of the year, but travels anywhere in between whenever you are ready to begin.

The construction methods that Living Tree uses to attach the Treehouse to the tree are designed to minimize tree impact and maximize structural strength. These methods have been tried and proven over the decades of experience that Jonathan Fairoaks has in designing and constructing Treehouses.

From start to finish, Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree will see that your treehouse will be built and constructed with the utmost quality, as well as tested for saftey.

Treehouse Construction Questions?

To begin the process of building your very own tree house or to ask questions about the construction process, contact Living Tree.

Arboreal Consulting

ISA Certified Expertise
In building treehouses, Jonathan Fairoaks is set apart by the fact that he was an ISA Certified Arborist. He is currently a member of the Penn Del Chapter of ISA, The International Society of Arboriculture, is the largest and most influential arboricultural organization in the world. From their mission to their Code of Ethics, everything is centered around and dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees and promoting research, technology, and the professional practice of Arboriculture.

As a lifelong certified member, Jonathan Fairoaks has a special expertise and applies that expertise when planning, designing, and building your dream treehouse. His expertise ensures that, not only will your treehouse last, but that the tree holding the treehouse up will continue to be healthy as you enjoy your treehouse.

Treehouse Maintenance

Prolong the Life of Your Treehouse!
During construction, allowance is made around the trunk and where the boughs pass through the walls and roof of a Treehouse, taking into consideration the tree’s natural growth and movement. This allowance is dependent on the maturity of the tree and its expected growth. Any adjustments that may become necessary are made as part of our annual maintenance program.

The raw materials we use are of the best quality and our methods of construction make for long-term use. However, all outdoor products require maintenance and regular inspection; timber is a natural product and over time moves, swells or contracts due to seasonal and temperature changes. Living Tree, LLC operates a maintenance program whereby any items requiring attention are corrected, and the entire structure re-coated with a timber preservative. These measures will prolong the life of the Tree House, providing a perfect retreat for many years!

Living Tree Guarantee

We Stand Behind All of Our Work!
Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree stands behind all of their work in designing and building Treehouses. We guarantee our customers the quality and safety of our work. If anything on the treehouse needs to be fixed, Living Tree will come out and fix any issues that arise.

In addition, Jonathan Fairoaks ensures that no trees are impacted in ways they can’t recover from. Living Tree uses lighter materials with TAB style tree fasteners made by Treehouse Supplies, Inc. which are bolted into the heartwood. Holes, when made, are precise and surgically placed to minimize impact. Trees cope with the stresses and strains of holding a treehouse in exactly the same way that they deal with the force of the prevailing wind and other natural factors. We take into consideration each and every branch, making allowances for future growth and natural movement. As each tree grows it changes shape and adapts to the houses to contain them. We think of our treehouses as structures which float in each tree.

Steps in Building Your Dream Treehouse

Living Tree’s Process
Easy as 1-2-3:
Step 1.
The First step in getting the treehouse of your dreams built is to fill out our initial contact form by clicking here. You may also call him at 610.952.5209 or 530.320.6444. Based on the information given, Jonathan will give you a rough estimate of what it will cost to build your treehouse, and explain the next steps.

Step 2.
If Living Tree and Jonathan Fairoaks is the best fit for you, then the next step is for a good faith deposit and schedule a site visit. Jonathan Fairoaks will visit your site to evaluate it and answer any questions you may have about the process of building a treehouse. He will facilitate design sessions to make sure we know what you want your Treehouse to be. Our amazing designer will then produce a beautiful rendering of your Treehouse. If you decide not to go forward with your project, your deposit is refundable less expenses and artist’s fees.

Step 3.
When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll ask you to sign a contract and provide the first installment on construction and service costs. You’ll receive site drawings, engineer-approved construction documents and a materials list. We’ll provide support to help you work through the permitting process. Once we have a building permit in place, we schedule a start date and the construction begins!

For advice, building tips, and finding out more about having Living Tree bring your dream to reality, please contact us.

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