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Tree houses are objects that spark our imaginations and bring the kid out in all of us, but the construction of a Tree House is certainly not kids play. Building a tree house is a project that should be carefully thought through because of the dangers of construction, the know how to build so as to not damage the tree, and for the safety of the tree house itself. Every tree is different, therefore every tree house will be different, but there are basic principles that one can follow when building to ensure the greatest success in constructing their tree house.

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Principle #1:
Choose the right tree
For a child’s tree house, you want to keep the height of the tree house to a minimum in order to minimize injury in case a fall happens. In general, the most ideal trees for building a tree house are oak, beech, maple, fir and hemlock. You want to think about the view, along with how much wind exposure the tree has. By adding the tree house, you are increasing the wind catchment area. In addition, you need to consider branch thickness and where you will support the tree house itself. And remember that a tree twists and sways a lot, so your house needs to account for that movement.

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Principle #2:
Careful and thorough planning means success
As with any endevour, careful planning will help to ensure success, and it is no different with building a tree house. It might seem like a hassle to actually plan out on paper what you are doing, but in the end, it will help you to adequately think through exactly what you are doing, and ultimately save you a lot of time, fixing mistakes and unseen troubles.

Principle #3:
Be Imaginative!
Tree houses are born from our imagination and inspire awe. Think about who you are building the tree house for and what they would enjoy using the tree house for. If it is a child, maybe it is a club house for them and their friends. If t is you, maybe it is an escape to read your favorite books and enjoy an incredible view. In any case, the sky is the limit with what one can do with your tree house.

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