Living Tree Services

Your Treehouse, from Imagination to Reality

Just like people, every tree is unique. They are dynamic organisms that deserve the love and attention that a dedicated arborist and craftsman can bring them. Here are the services Jonathan offers to help people enjoy wonderfully unique treehouses:

    • Treehouse Site Evaluation & Planning:
      When beginning your plans for a treehouse, it is important to have an expert to consult with and aid in the planning. As an ISA Certified arborist, Jonathan Fairoaks has the expertise to make your dream treehouse come true. . .
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    • Treehouse Design:
      After the planning stages, Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree will design a treehouse that uniquely fits your vision for your treehouse. They will take into consideration the view. . .
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    • Treehouse Construction:
      When it is time to begin to build and construct your treehouse, Jonathan Fairoaks and his expert team of treehouse builders will be on site to build the treehouse of your dreams. His expert team has built treehouses across the country . . .
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    • Arboreal Consulting:
      In building treehouses, Jonathan Fairoaks is set apart by the fact that he is an ISA Certified Arborist. To learn more about Living Tree’s Arboreal Consulting Services. . .
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    • Treehouse Maintenance:
      During construction, allowance is made around the trunk and where the boughs pass through the walls and roof of a Treehouse, taking into consideration the tree’s natural growth and movement.
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    • Our Treehouse Guarantee:
      Jonathan Fairoaks and Living Tree stands behind all of their work in designing and building Treehouses. We guarentee our customers the quality and safety of our work.
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