Tree House Planning

Tree House Planning Starts Here:

When beginning your plans for a treehouse project, it is important to have an expert to consult with and aid in the planning. As an ISA Certified arborist, Jonathan Fairoaks has the expertise to make your dream treehouse come true, without destroying or hurting the tree. He will come to your location and spend the day inspecting possible sites to build your dream Treehouse. He consideres everything from the actual tree to potential views, while keeping saftey in mind always. He will make the best suggestion for the best place to build your treehouse.

Once the initial evaluation for your treehouse is complete, Jonathan Fairoaks will guide you through the planning process, employing his uncomparable 40+ years of experience building treehouses. He will talk with you about any concepts you may have for your treehouse as well as suggest what other concepts that may be possible. Once your concept is developed, then the actual design of the treehouse will begin.

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