Custom Treehouse Portfolio

Our Unique approach to building a treehouse

Treehouses can be basic or complex, simple or extravagant. They are not just for children, though. What better place to relax, to get away from the rush of our hectic lives, than in the boughs of a tree? Your psychology changes with height. Leave your cares on the ground and move closer to the heavens in the trees.

Design with the Trees in Mind

Living trees are dynamic organisms. They grow and change constantly. They move with the wind. A treehouse must be able to move with the tree, to become one with it. Living Tree, LLC designs and builds treehouses that have little impact on the tree. With our experience and training as professional arborists and craftsmen, we understand the way the treehouse interacts with the tree. Our designs incorporate innovative techniques that keep the treehouse from interfering with the tree, and the tree from damaging the treehouse. Whether you want a simple platform or a large bungalow in the boughs, we can help you bring your dreams to life.

Click on the photos below to view our treehouses.

Cohn’s Treehouse

Located in Southfield Michigan, this weather-tight treehouse is 32′ x 20′ including the deck. It has skylights and electricity, and sits 22 feet above the ground supported by four white pines. The main platform is supported by two 5″ x 12″ x 20′ long hand-laminated beams. Future plans include using this tree house as the club house for a frisbee golf course.

Ploughman’s Perch

Located on Flying Lake in Maine, this modest back-to-basics tree house is suspended 20′ above ground between four white pine trees. The main platform is 16′ x 16′ and the house is 12’x 14′. There is a sleeping loft in the house and it’s possible to dive into the lake from the front deck.

“City of Angels” Treehouse

Located near Los Angeles California, this weather-tight tree house is 16′ x 20′ including the deck. It has skylights and electricity, and sits 35 feet above the ground in a live oak tree.

Tutin’s Treehouse

These are pictures of Gerry Tutins treehouse in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It was built for family weekend gatherings on their land away from the city. We chose a 200 year old white oak tree which has been a perfect host. Very little pruning was required — almost as if the tree had been selected for us.

Fisher Treehouse

Located near Healdsburg, CA, this weather-tight 19′ x 16′ tree house is set 25 feet above the ground between twin Douglas fir trees. Eighteen feet high from the floor to the cupola ceiling, it features an enameled steel roof, clear redwood lap siding, electricity, and plumbing. It has two antique double-doors, one from India with a stained-glass arch, and the other from China. Four of the thirteen windows are 4′ x 8′ plate glass.

JT & S Treehouse

Joyce, Ted, and Samantha enjoy their treehouse and recently shared it with 16 youngsters who attended Samantha’s Birthday party. It is located in Merion, Pennsylvania; suspended from a mulberry tree. Inside there is a day bed that folds up and out of the way, knotty pine paneling and a wonderful view of the park across the street. We completed this project in stages — as with most treehouses this one took on a life of its own. The Mulberries’ appendages suggested the initial platform, which grew into a single room and front porch. Then we placed the door and windows, paneled the interior with knotty pine, and installed the bed and table. Now Sam hosts her friends for sleep-overs and ted has come to admire the structure each time he drives in or out of the driveway.

Quinn Treehouse

his is the Quinn house. Michael had always wanted a treehouse but could not find someone to build it for him. After seeing the Home & Garden TV show on Treehouses he called me to find out what could be done. We decided on the 150 year old ash tree in his backyard for his treehouse. The house is fully suspended from overhead branches and has a delightful view of the Gulph Mills Valley. Michael shares this with his wife Maria and his children; Molly, Michael and Patrick.

New Jersey Treehouse

This New Jersey Treehouse has beautiful mohagany flooring, a spiral staircase, and an expansive view of a pond and forest. What a treat it was to work in such strong and healthy oaks that grow up through the top platform. This upper platform is about 300 square feet, and the lower deck is about 190 square feet. Plenty of space for the whole family and friends too. Some super long rope swings and a zip line complete the package of fun in the trees.